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HH Scott Stroboscopic Turntable

I've always wanted one of these cool Scott turntables. Not for performance but for looks. Stellar...

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Altec Lansing 605B Rebuild In Progress

A new friend on the Klipsch Forums traded me a Altec 605B for a clean Bogen DB20. I've alwasy wanted a classic Altec Coax.

Here is the driver that arrived in the mail.
 The paper was not in good shape and definately rotted.  The high frequency driver wasn't working but I managed to fix one of the diaphragm leads. Now some cleaning and a recone kit. How often do these drivers need to be remagnetized??? Really excited about these.

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Monday, December 30, 2019

RIP Neil Innes


 Humanoid Boogie


Sunday, December 29, 2019

1951 High Fidelity Ads Featuring Khorns

It is interesting that the Klipschorn shown right next to the Brociner electronic crossover and preamp. In this 1951 magazine Klipsch has several ads one in this report, a Brociner, and RadioShack ad. It wasn't long after this that Klipsch quit liocensing others to build their speakers.

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Obligatory Festivus Post

Xmas In Heaven 

The Kinks - Father Christmas 

Keb Mo - Merry Christmas

Dropkick Murphys - Xmas Upon Us

Flaming Lips - Xmas At The Zoo 

 Mele Kalikimaka

Sunday, December 22, 2019

The High Quality Horn Loudspeaker Systems Arrived

 This book by Thomas and Bjorn is massive. Their 15 years of hard work has paid off. Their geek points just landed them in the gods and legends status. I emailed with them briefly a few years ago as the Klipsch museum had just started up. It would have been nice if our archives had been available but alas they are 12 4 foot square crates. The museum hopes to follow their example and get audio history and theory ino the hands of the people. Thank you Bjorn and Thomas for send a book for the museum it truly belongs there. I'll make sure it passes through Roy Delgado's hands.

If you are a horn junkie this book as an absolute must. This book is amazing.

Support the good work of Thomas and Bjorn.

 I hope one day to shake their hands and drink a toast to this successful project.