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Brook 12A Clones Completed

I finally finished my Brook 12A clone build. The looks are early radio amplifier inspired and the build is pretty close to the original Brook. The only changes are much larger chassis, more modern grounding scheme, shielded input and feedback cables.
Changes? I think I am going to finish the bottom boards to match the top and call it done.
Now I need a few pairs of 2A3's or at least two more of the same brand. I've got a pair of sovtek and EH. Ultimately I'd like a quad of JJ's.

There were a few bumps along the way. It was not behaving well at all on first light but Chris helped me chase the gremlins away.

This is of the new happy amp.

One more check up and they go to the big speakers. 

Lessons learned:
Use real hardwood not plywood.
Don't wrap metal chassis in wood.
Don't trust Sams Photofact.
Wear pants while soldering.
Wear pants!

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All About the Reflex Enclosure - Part 1 - P.G.A.H. Voigt

This is part 1 of a series by Voigt. 
Part 1 development, air resonance, air motion in the enclosure. 

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A Box For Your Speaker - P.G.A.H. Voigt

Every Monday for the next Month or so I am going to post an article in a series by the legendary Voigt. The start is January 1959. Voigt is one of my favorite names in audio history and I can't wait to read the rest of them.

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Knight Kits Advert

I have a few Knight Kit amplifiers. I must admit I did not know they were  Allied products. Nice gear for the day.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

JBL 1959 Advert

Cool little Metrogon and Paragon ad. One of the most beautiful speakers ever made. 

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When I have to use a 12AX7 I use the Amperex Bugle Boy. I currently have 4 in my George Wright Phono Preamp. Good stuff.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Marvin 12A Maybe NOS

I picked up these two maybe new old stock 12A tubes. Made by RCA as are the Cunningham tubes. The packaging on these is really nice but I hate stickers on my tubes. No etching on the base and only a faint 12A on the tops of the tubes.  At least I do like the logo.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Nolatet - Black Sheep

One of my favorite bands just released a new album with a video. The band is Nolatet featuring Mike Dillon, Brian Haas, James Singleton & Johnny Vidacovich. The album is No Revenge Necessary. I grew up going to Mike Dillon shows like BillGoat, Harry Ape BMX, and a few others. It has been a pleasure watching Mike Dillon grow as a musician. If your into this sort of thing check it out and watch for Mike Dillon Band or Nolatet as they tour nearly non stop.

Here are a few earlier videos. 



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Giant Walnut Plinth

I don't have very much information about this massive plinth and turntable. I always wondered what to do with such a large slab of walnut. I dig it.

Saturday, February 10, 2018


I can honestly say I've never coveted anything more. This is amazing.

From the page of Dylan Kehde Roelofs.

Named “Mugwump” in honour of the late William S. Burroughs: Renegade Saint, proponent of Free Speech and Thought, Revered Godfather of Obscenities, and child of the Burroughs Adding Machine dynasty -the popularizers of the Nixie tube.

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