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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

1955 Popular Electronics Choosing a Hi-Fi Tonearm Part I

Recently I scored a Garrard 301 and TPA12 tonearm for almost nothing at a thrift store. This has led me to investigate vintage turntable technology. One thing is clear and that is not alot has changed and people still argue over the same things. At a thrift store the other day I found a very early popular electronics magazine circa 1955. It has some great ads and an even better article on tonearms and pro turntables. This is part one. I hope you enjoy it. The science of the tonearm has not changed that much.

Some great tonearms here Angel, audax, b-j,clarkstan, electro-sonic, fairchild 280, and ferranti. The B J arm is the first of its kind the second most popular was a Garrard

There were so many great tonearms. Most of these are still collected today. G-E A1-500, Gray 108C, Leak Model A, Livingston, Pickering 190D, and Weathers A-510-S.

This article even though it was written in the 50's really helped me understand how tonearm and cartridge interacts with the vinyl.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vintage Quad advert pic featuring a mono system from the 50's

This pic makes me want to buy a mid century modern, home wear a vneck sweater, smoke a nice pipe, and listen to a great mono system. I'll also need a beautiful blonde wife.

The console is very nice but you notice the amp is not visible. It is tucked away in the back out of view. We wouldn't even consider doing that today.

These days we want to see the beautiful glow of the tubes while we listen to stereo Quads.

I found this pic I took at the Klipsch Audio History Museum. It is clearly Quad but it looks different. If anyone can tell me about these particular pieces I would appreciate it.

Peter Walker would be proud to know his designs are still treasured and loved today. If your interested in Quad history buy the book QUAD The Closest Approach. Another great early audio pioneer.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lowther Voigt TPA Corner Horn

The TPA is one of my favorite speakers yet I have never listened to one. This preference is entirely based on asthetics. It could sound like a bose wave radio for all I know. Ok I doubt it. I know little of its history but it seems to have been produced from 1951-1960's. There is some info available at the Lowther Voigt museum web site.

Courtesy of Hi-Fi Lit

The legendary Lowther driver in a back loaded horn.

Here are some pics from of the TPA at the Klipch Audio History Museum in Hope, AR. This is one of the best examples I've seen.

The tag on the back of the TPA.

If you have additional information on the Lowther TPA please post comment.