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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Bass Ultraflex Enclosure - Jensen

Here is another great early enclosure article. I've always wanted to hear an ultraflex.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Unique Acoustics

Check out these mokore wood speakers from Unique Acoustics. These are their Jensen style bass ultra flex plus speakers which look great and made in Germany. 

Unique Acoustics - Bass Ultraflex-Plus

All Unique Acoustics acoustic systems are characterized by specific features:
  • a considerably increased efficiency, as compared to ordinary analogs of the same size;
  • using a sound chamber unique construction that helps to achieve acoustic system greater efficiency;
  • the cabinet special construction preventing all disturbances and distortions, caused by the driver, the horn and the acoustic system front panel.
  • the use of the Omni Horn system for maximum efficiency of the acoustic system;
  • using a smaller size diaphragm of the radiator due to the effective use of the horn;
  • minimum non-linear distortions in its class;
  • optimal sounding irrespective of the system placing;
  • powerful, fundamental and full-fledged low-register sounding, preserving the ease and delicacy of the whole frequency range;
  • the individual manufacturing of each unit;
  • a lifetime guarantee.

Here are a few of their youtube videos.

Check out their site