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Monday, December 7, 2009

Experience Music, Inc

Do you want some really cool triode amplifiers, preamplifiers, or large horns hand crafted? I think Experience Music might be the company to do it for you. It seems they do incredible custom work.
Here are some triode pron pics.

Tube amps

Passive Preamp

I hope to take a trip to Memphis to hear some of this great gear.

Monday, April 6, 2009

electronluv modern audio art

I am an stalker. The site has been vacant for a year or more. Last week I noticed a new site with links instead of a placeholder. It seems Josh has some new horns, a turntable, drivers, and many new goodies or at least audio porn. This is not for those of us light in the wallet. I don't see a problem charging large quantities of money for what electronluv creates because it some of the best art I have seen in years. For a tidy some of money you get fully functional sculptures which should go up in value over the years or at least that is my bet.

Go to and do some window shopping.