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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Tidal Streaming Service

I've tried every streaming service with a free trial. The clear winner is Tidal. The only problem I encountered is the web client just won't play higher quality streams. This is remedied by using their client which I prefer anyway. I like some esoteric music and was worried it wouldn't have a varied selection but I was proven wrong. 

These are the options for the web client which it has issues with playing.

 Same computer but with Tidal app installed. Now the option Master is enabled. The quality is superb. I didn't think I'd ever be this happy with a streaming source.

I primarily use it for exploring new bands or party playlists. Now you can do it in style.

 If you check out the menu on the side there are also videos available. This might be the weekest link but still a cool feature.