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Monday, January 28, 2019

Thomas Schick - Tonearms And Record Players

Thomas Schick's website might be the best example of bespoke vision I have ever seen.  It is top quality through and through. I've heard one of his tonearms but not a full turntable yet. His build quality is superb. Check out his products at

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Artisan 12 inch tonearms

I've been working on my getting my Garrard Turntable together over the last year. This led to allot of research because most of the turntables I previously owned were toys. Putting together a turntable from scratch was intimidating. Sorry this will be another post later but I did allot of research into tonearms. As a result I'd like to share some of the interesting 12 inch hand crafted tonearms I found along the way. I'd love to compare all these some day.

This site is in German but his work is just incredible!!

Thomas Schick makes another interesting tonearm. It looks minimal but still very impressive.

If you are on a budge but would still like to try a 12 inch arm tonearmaudio has a cherry 12" tonearm for $230.

This tonearm was designed by architect Randolph Hedgebeth and called Golden Gate. There is minimal information and pics but it looks amazing.