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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Klipsch MCZ-7 Moving Coil Cartridge

My friend Chris dropped by today and brought these rare Klipsch cartridges. We checked them under the microscope fortunately the cantilever and tip are intact on both of them. Can't wait to give them a spin. For those that think this is weird for Klipsch it really isn't. PWK actually was applying for a patent for a cartridge the same time GE did for a little cartridge called the GE Variable Reluctance cartridge. According to Klipsch historian Jim Hunter he was only a few months behind GE on patent application.

 Should we replace the foam or keep the original lol...

Sunday, November 17, 2013

PWK And Hiroaki Hibino Phono Cartridges

There must be a good story here. Japanese cartridge designer Hiroaki Hibino partnering with PWK on cartridge design. According to Jim Hunter Klipsch historian there was also a Klipsch turntable but no known examples exist.

Silver coated copper wire, cobalt magnets and your choice of multiple cantilevers. If you see one for sale just buy it and send it to me 8-)