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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

New Three Way Horn System In The Works

I've been collecting parts for this for many years. This may be the slowest project I've ever done. My friend JC designed the basshorn, provided the math for the builder of the tractrix mid and tweeter. I need to build top hats for these and my least favorite part the passive crossover. Fortunately my friend Chris is helping me with this or I'd have to go active. 

Here we have the bass horn. It is large and can accomodate 12" 15" or 18" drivers. For this application we are using 12" drivers. These will play up to around 350hz.
I am a toddler when it comes to putting systems together but the main point in DIY is to learn so if it doesn't work try and try again.
I need more stuffing. 

 Fortunately these drivers can pick up around 350hz. These are JB 2482 drivers and are so very heavy.
 They will be mounted to these pure tractrix horns. They do look better in person not sure what the flash did here.

 Most of these horns are on loan to me but will be fun to try out for a while. Round tractrix with B&C DE250. They start breaking up past where I can hear lol....
This will be going together soon and then tweaked until it sounds right. That will likely take a while. This will be my second system on the other end of the house lol. Now to find technology to stream audio in sync to both systems... Anyone have any suggestions?

Check out the DIY tractrix horns at Fastlane Audio.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Straight Horns

I'd love to hear these horns. It looks like a nice size mid bass horn and a goto horn and a speaker lab horn and some sort of bat slaying tweeter. I'm just guessing not sure what they are exezctly. If I only had a really big space it would be nice to build some really big horns....

Thanks for the additional info Aceaudio.
The Tweeter is a Pioneer TAD ET-703Beryllium Diaphragms and the finned driver next to it is a Pioneer TAD 4002 Beryllium Diaphragms. I have these drivers in my Pioneer TAD 2401 studio monitors.

This post originated at retro vintage modern hi-fi

Monday, January 31, 2011

Mid Century Modern Wall Horn

This was posted on Audio Asylum recently. I would love to own a mid century modern home but especially if it had a large horn built into the wall. Too dam cool.

You can see the HF horns would be at the top and the LF horn empties into the room on the bottom.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Specimen Products school, horns, instruments, tube amps, and more

These guys have flown under my radar for too long. Their product line is amazing from school to custom instruments and custom amps. This is a genius concept and wonderful design.

Carnegie Hall, January 28, 2009 photo Brian W. Ferry

I would love to hear a band like the Asylum Street Spankers using these whimsical horns.

Visit their site and have a look around.

Thanks for the youtube link. Fascinating.