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Thursday, December 12, 2019

The Tractrix Horn Countour By Bruce Edgar

Bruce Edgar played a major part in introducing the Tractrix curve to Roy Delgado and then PWK.  Check out the article Bruce wrote.  

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Second Horn System Running

With help I got my second horn system up and running this morning. I've been collecting these parts for years lol. Folded bass horn has dual 12" drivers, 233hz tractrix horn has JBL2482s. round tractrix tweeters are some B&C DE250s. The tweeters are a pretty hot so they need a bit of taming. Now to build some top hats and get some tubes...

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

New Three Way Horn System In The Works

I've been collecting parts for this for many years. This may be the slowest project I've ever done. My friend JC designed the basshorn, provided the math for the builder of the tractrix mid and tweeter. I need to build top hats for these and my least favorite part the passive crossover. Fortunately my friend Chris is helping me with this or I'd have to go active. 

Here we have the bass horn. It is large and can accomodate 12" 15" or 18" drivers. For this application we are using 12" drivers. These will play up to around 350hz.
I am a toddler when it comes to putting systems together but the main point in DIY is to learn so if it doesn't work try and try again.
I need more stuffing. 

 Fortunately these drivers can pick up around 350hz. These are JB 2482 drivers and are so very heavy.
 They will be mounted to these pure tractrix horns. They do look better in person not sure what the flash did here.

 Most of these horns are on loan to me but will be fun to try out for a while. Round tractrix with B&C DE250. They start breaking up past where I can hear lol....
This will be going together soon and then tweaked until it sounds right. That will likely take a while. This will be my second system on the other end of the house lol. Now to find technology to stream audio in sync to both systems... Anyone have any suggestions?

Check out the DIY tractrix horns at Fastlane Audio.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2 Way Tractrix Horn System

I had a brilliant idea to redo the floors in the part of the house that has my system setup. That meant taking the system apart to do that. That was the hard part and took much longer than expected. I'm going to start working on veneering my Jubilee system so I will listen to this setup for a while. 
 The HF horn is a prototype designed by Paul Klipsch and Roy Delgado. This was the last HF horn PWK had a hand in designing. It is a modified tractrix horn and it requires no EQ from 600hz on up. The LF Tractrix horn was designed and built by my friend JC. They work from about 65hz to 600hz and also does not require EQ. They are loaded with two 12" drivers each. Since neither requires eq I use a custom line level crossover so there is nothing between the output transformers and drivers.
Here is a quick clip. 
Name that tune?

I got to listen to this system over the holidays as it is and the sound is really good. I was listening to some Cal Tjader and I was rather surprised at what I was hearing. This system is simple and fun.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Voigt 4ft Tractrix Horn

People talk of Western Electric being rare but no these 4ft Voigt Tractrix horns are extremely rare. Likely only a handful of the big fellas exist. I only see ads of people looking for them and a few pictures of them on the internet. These look incredible.  

I would like to try this approach some day. This reminds me of what Dave Slagle of Intact Audio does with Lowther drivers and big round Le Cleach horns.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Another Horn Roadtrip To Georgia

A couple of months ago I get this email about thinning out some speaker projects from my friend JC in Georgia. He built my Jubilee bass horn clones and SnailTrac bass horns. In the list were his Tractrix horns I've been drooling over for years. This will be the basis for my first 4 way system. He also let me take home some good sized mf tractrix horns. Sunday Stacey and I loaded up and headed for Georgia a 7 1/2 hour turn around road trip so 15 hours on the road but totally worth it.
This is becoming a familiar site as the sun comes up on the way to Memphis. I've been through Memphis more recently than I have in  years.
In Mississippi there was a cotton field right behind the gas station. Ledbelly was immediately going through my head. 
JC is removing the drivers for the trip home. This speakers are so black they are hard to take pictures of and they just soak in the light. 

 I had to totally wash out the pic just so you could see the curves of these massive horns. 70hz to 600hz. They use two  12" Eminence drivers which are about 99db each not sure what they are horn loaded. I guess I'll find out.
Light suckers!
Timothy Leary in the background thinks it is funny. Hmm I wonder what that large sheet he is printed on????? 
For a sense of scale the fc of the horns on top are 233hz. The drivers below are 12" cast frames. 
 Thanks JC for all the horns.... AGAIN... And Stacey for making the Ga trip with me in one day.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Matija Blažičko - Emanation

Check out this wonderful art installation in Croatia featuring tractrix horns and battery powered amps. The artist Matija Blažičko sent some pics to use for Retro Hi Fi Girl Friday but I thought it was too cool for that. Featured in the pics is his sister. Her site here.
From the Artist.
The work Emanation was exhibited in june this year in the chapel of saint Rocco in Zagreb, Croatia.
It was my humble attempt to recreate feeling of big cathedral in small chapel. 
There was Benjamin Britten's Festival te deum played, It was all about the experience of hollographic imaging and stereo separation (I got inspired by the Chesky records ultimate demonstration disc)
Main horns follow tractrix curvature and are made of "artificial marble" composite. They hang freely in the air by the kevlar strands. Frequency response extends below 80Hz but are digitally crossed over at 80Hz from where the pair of hidden subwoofers take over. Amps work on battery banks so the problems with "dirty" mains are altogether eliminated.

Check his website for future updates.. 

I'm sure the artist would love to hear feedback from you. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Big Ole Horn

Siemens or RFT big ole horn. Dang I love big horns. This is just right for my living room..

This post originated at retro vintage modern hi-fi

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

JC's Tractrix Bass Horn 70hz to 600hz DIY Plans

I spent several days listening to this bass horn with multiple HF sections and it is a winner. JC does impeccable research and builds. I'm a big fan of his work and was very happy to see him post these plans on the Klipsch forums. This bass horn uses two 12 inch K31 drivers but it was mentioned that other drivers could be used. JC also mentioned that you could back port this horn but that was not how he was going to use this horn.
Check out that flare.

Mix and match this bass horn with your flavor of HF section. That bening said it mated really well to trcatrix mid and tweeters.

Finishing the build process.

Tractrix Flare

Here is the cut list for those with the skills to build this beastie. It is big and heavy but why would you use small horns? Bigger is better don't fight physics.

It is very cool of JC to make his personal build plans public. Thanks JC.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tractrix Horns Improved Imaging and Phasing Article

This article was written by Roy Delgado, Kerry Geist and Jim Hunter. At the time this article was written 1991 they worked at Klipsch in Hope, AR. This was to explain their transition to the tractrix horns. To see this much attention being given to Voigt is well deserved. This was due to Bruce Edgar for bringing Voigt back to the minds of speaker builders. I am lucky enough to have a pair of horns based off of Delgado and Klipsch designed Tractrix prototypes. They are wonderful. I hope you enjoy this article.