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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

New Notes On Corner Speakers - Paul W Klipsch

An early article by PWK on his new corner speaker design. This was before the mighty khorn had a name.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Office Of PWK Hope, AR

On one of my visits to Klipsch HQ in Hope, AR the office of PWK was open. A friend showed me in and I couldn't say no. This is one of the biggest posts for this site because I wasn't smart enough to put it in video mode. Anyway check out the office of PWK. This is obviously not how his office really was as that was reportedly cluttered but some of his items remain.

PWK preferred his own recordings compared to those store bought. Check out how many tapes there are and I am sure this is a small portion of his collection.

This is one I would like to hear the 1973 Ozark Mountain Bluegrass Festival. My friends dad helped with the founding of this festival.

Here we have PWK's Brook preamp and 2a3 amplifier. PWK reportedly kept this running up to spec throughout the years. It is in pristine condition.

Clearly a man of good taste a nice RCA driver.
Also a JBL 375 driver.
A cool vintage Stephens tweeter.
I've always wanted to build and try one of these. This takes two channels creates a third channel. A friend of mine is going to use this on his 1950's 3 channel shorthorn project.
This looks like a 1950's Klipschorn crossover on a chunk of lumber.
This appears to be a study for the anchoic chamber which was built in the late 70's.
Interesting items on the desk of PWK. I'm not gonna lie I have no idea what this stuff is.
A mini Klipsch study. It appears to be a model C.
The K-500 I was used in one of my favorite speakers of all time the Belle circa 1969.
A generous letter from some horn builder namesd Bruce Edgar.

At one point in the 50's PWK started the Klipsch tape project. I really like the detailed description he has added about the recordings. I've never seen one outside of Klipsch.

Where Klipsch was started a tin shack.

Klipsch through the years 1946 - 1952.
No sure what is going on here apparently some cast off projects.

This post originated at retro vintage modern hi-fi

Thursday, September 2, 2010

PWK Inspecting Western Electric Horn

This is a great picture taken by Max Potter a Western Electric engineer and audio pioneer. He was the inventor of the P-Trap a modification to the early Khorn crossover networks to remove the 9 KHz “glitch” inherent in the early K55V (push pin) driver. Max Potter passed away recently but he influenced many in the industry.

Max Potter and PWK at the Musuem Of Audio History.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday PWK The Legend In Sound

Paul W Klipsch would have been 106 today. Thanks for the reminder from Klipsch employee Trey Cannon. Thank you for the incredible speakers PWK.

You just know what is about to happen in this photo. That guy is about to get a Bull Shit button flash.

At the controls in the Hope labratory with the mighty Klipschorn.

This is Paul W Klipsch at a CES show unveiling his newborn Klipschorn Jubilee. Unfortunately Klipsch Corp scrapped the project after Paul's Passing. The Klipschorn Jubilee LF and K403 HF were a genius swan song from one of the great speaker builders.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

High-Fidelity Vol 1 Issue No.1

This is an article by PWK in the first issue of High-Fidelity magazine. The article is How To Get Best Results From A Klipschorn. This is a great early article.

Friday, December 4, 2009

BROOK Electronics 12A one of PWK's favorites

I think I've finally found the Brook 12A modification specifically for Klipschorns. Brook and PWK worked on this in the early days of Klipsch. This document comes straight from the Paul W Klipsch archivist Mr.Hunter. At first I thought I had the wrong document because it lists the 6B4G instead of the 2A3 but they are close enough it turns out. The 2A3 and 6B4G are used interchangeably in the 10C and 12A schematics. The Brook 12A 2A3 PP amp was reportedly one of PWK's favorite amplifiers. He talks about it in his interview with vacuum tube valley at the age of 94. The last time I was in Hope, AR I got a good pic of PWK's actual Brook 12A23KI and preamp. It is still in his office. Here is the pic.
* SORRY guys I seem to have screwed up on this one. This is not the PWK mod but a different schematic from the archives. Can anyone identify what critter this is from?  *

This schematic is supposed to be of just the modifications of the Brook 12A to the 12A3KI. If anyone can shed light on this and what it actually does please please comment on this post. Here it is

Here is a schematic I've found on the electroweb.

Here are some great Brook preamp and 12A pics and a stereo pair. My ears crave this setup.

A couple of links.
An interesting post on Brook click here.
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