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Saturday, April 22, 2017

PWK's Tektronix Scope

I spotted this Teltronix Scope at the Klipsch Auio History Museum. It has a Polaroid back attachment.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Klipsch Pilgrimage In Hope AR April 26-29th 2017

This years Klipsch Pilgrimage to Hope Arkansas is a really special one. The events will kick off with a ribbon cutting of the Klipsch Museum Of Audio History and the founding of the Klipsch Heritage Museum Association. The Klipsch museum building and contents have been donated very generously by Klipsch to the Klipsch Heritage Museum Association. KHMA will be a non profit with goals of preserving the legacy of PWK and his archives. PWK corresponded with all of the greats in the audio industry and kept every correspondence. This museum is more than just about preserving the Klipsch legacy but scores of untold stories from the glory days of the entire Hi-Fi industry. Klipsch Historian Jim Hunter makes new discoveries all the time. 
 For more information about the Klipsch pilgrimage please check the following links to the Klipsch forums. There will be museum, factory, laboratory tours and a chance to listen to exciting new speakers in the Klipsch factory listening room.
 If you care about preserving audio history and the goals of Klipsch Heritage Museum Association there will be an opportunity to donate at the pilgrimage and become a member of the Klipsch Heritage Museum Association.
 Once the Klipsch Heritage Museum Association website is live there will be many ways to contribute online and become a member of the museum. I will be posting and soliciting donations once this is possible.

If you are a Klipsch fan or a fan of audio history please consider attending this years pilgrimage.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Calling All Skunks - PWK

The Bulshit button wasn't the only method PWK used to call out publications on Bullshit.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Klipsch Museum Of Audio History Once In A Lifetime Sale

As the Klipsch Museum Of Audio History transitions to a non profit entity they are selling some items to make room and to raise funds to put the organization on sound footing. This means that this year you will be able to bid on items from the collection of PWK and some owned and tested by PWK. There are items in this collection up for sale that have never seen eBay and some seen once every few years. I will post here as the items come up for sale on eBay.

Here are a few samples of what will be available.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Audio History Museum - Hope Arkansas - PWK Protoype

Chris Hornbeck and I were in Hope, Ar on Friday to see if there was anything new in the Klipsch Audio History Museum. The new item did not disappoint. It is a prototype of the shorthorn era. A mini Khorn? Not sure. There aren't too many prototypes I am aware of so this is an extremely rare item. It is loaded with four ten inch drivers and is a split cabinet. I can tell the era because it was made of 1/4" plywood like the rebel was made.
Here is Jim pointing out the placement of the drivers.

A look inside.

 Here you can see the sound path.

Jim Hinter has posted many priceless stories on the Klipsch website. 
Scroll down to More about Paul Wilbur Klipsch to read some of these stories and bits of history.

Jim Hunter's work on the archive is of the utmost importance for those interested in audio history.  There are letters to and from all the greats from the heady days of HiFi.  PWK may have been one of the most networked men in the industry. He kept every letter. Not sure PWK had a trash can lol...

I can't  visit Hope, Ar without fondling my favorite speaker. Now since I have heard one in upstate New York I like the 16a even more. Thanks for the pic Chris.  

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

PWK 3 X 5 MultiCell Horn 1944

I really like multicells especially the big ones. This one was designed while PWK was looking for a solution for his HF. This horn did not make it to production. 
I was recently at a friends listening to some large 10 cell Vitavox multicell horns that literally reached from corner to corner on top of a pair of khorns. The coverage was superb. I can't wait to hear this combo again. Don't discount the multicells horns to fast because they are old technology give them a chance.
Jim Hunter Klipsch engineer and historian posted this document in his post about the first 12 Klipschorns.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

PWK And Jim Build The BIG Foam Horn

Jim Hunter Klipsch engineer and historian posted this great pic on the Klipsch site. Not sure what is going on here but that is a big plywood and foam horn. I'd like to see a better pic and get more of the story.
Jim and Hunter are rather tall guy's so this horn should be large 6ft-8ft x 6ft-8ft. I'd like to see more of these experimental fun horns they built. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The 403 Horn by PWK and Roy Delgado

I don't often post on my own equipment. This is mostly because my system is modest by comparison to most of my friends systems. I'll start with one item that is worth sharing which is the 403. This horn was to be the consumer horn for PWK's Jubilee system designed with Roy Delgado. Roy and PWK both had their preferences for horn design. This horn is a combination of their design criteria. From what I have been able to put together Roy uses his trademark modified Tractrix curve and PWK insist on a 1.4 inch throat and collapsing verticals. This creates a great sounding horn with little or no need for eq.. I don't eq this one from 600hz to 18khz.
 28 inches wide
10 inches high
11 inches deep
The 403 horn is a prototype that never went into full production. 
Would I love to have it made out of wood? YES!
Wood was to be the material it was made of but hey it is a miracle I have these horns anyway.

This wooden one was made in Italy but they mistook the bumps in the horn for a mistake instead of an intentional transition point in the horn. I can only imagine how mad PWK and Roy were when this showed up at Klipsch labs after shelling out thousands of dollars.

There may be better drivers than the BC DE82 but that is the driver PWK picked out for this horn and for that reason it stays. The only thing I would change would be to roll off the high end a little just before it breaks up on the high end.. I haven't bothered because that is where my hearing drops as well.

This curve is not smoothed just a ballpark one I made of the 403.
 The Jubilee LF and 403 HF were the last horns PWK was involved with at Klipsch and what a way to go out. Horn building and designing to the end.
Thank you Roy and PWK.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Klipsch Historical Archives Online

 I don't go to the Klipsch front web site very often so it seems I missed a major site update. Klipsch engineer Jim Hunter has spent years going through PWK's documents and preserving these historical documents in digital form. Fortunately Klipsch is dedicating a portion of the site to host these documents. 
 You can access the some of the new sections of the site here.

Here are a few examples of the rarities posted. 

Metal printing plates.
Early picture of Klipschorn construction.

It is very interesting that PWK was also interested in phonograph pickup design for many years from 1940 to late 40's.

This is my favorite section  a collection of PDF documents with Klipschisms, quotes, and anecdotes.

Paul's original oscilloscope was a 1930s DuMont model, with similar amplifier for horizontal and vertical. His typical way of using it was to put the output of the audio oscillator into the horizontal input and the output of the item under test, through an attenuator, to the vertical input. Thus the relation of the two was the inclination of the line or ellipse and didn't require keeping the oscillator output constant as its frequency varied. He later (1950s) bought a Precision scope, allowing the DuMont to be used for production testing. -- Jim Haynes

 In the mid-1950's, when Paul came to Boston for the HiFi shows, we would have our Klipschorns along with Marantz amplifiers and Grado cartridges in our demo room. With the usual Harvard and MIT fans around him, he sat down on a Marantz power amplifier. Soon we smelled a peculiar odor, and for a moment thought some competitor had put a stink bomb in the room. Just at that moment Paul gave out a Klipschorn-sized yell!! He turned around showing his bottom to the gathered group of admirers saying, "Look what that "adjective/noun" amplifier did to me." There were two clean burn holes from the output tubes clear through his wool trousers, boxer shorts, and his seared rear end. It wasn't long after that Mrs. Marantz came into the room. Paul went to her, bent over and said, "Look what your amplifier did to me!" He later spent a good deal of the show trying to get Marantz to pay for his trousers" -- Don Davis

Go to the redesigned Klipsch site and check out the new PWK historical information posted. I only posted a few examples. I understand Jim Hunter is going to keep adding information to the site which is great news. I'm still waiting for his book because he is the one to write the book on PWK.  

Thursday, June 27, 2013

PWK American Way Interview 1989

Here is an old interview of PWK and some of the Klipsch management. It will be easier to read if you save to your computer. If I ever find the original I'll make much better scans.