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Monday, March 23, 2015

NEC 50CA10 Triode

The 50CA10 is a triode tube built for Luxman by NEC. It doesn't get much mention because originals are very rare. Fortunately Shuguang has started producing them again so I don't have to panic. I've been waiting for Thomas Mayer over at Vinyl Savor to write about them because I do not have very much information on them and his write ups are great. Don't expect any tube dissections here.
 There are only  two amplifiers that I have found that actually used this tube. One of them is the Luxman MQ60 which is a 30WPC Push Pull amp . Now that the Shuguang is manufacturing these tubes again I've seen several DIY amplifiers use them in SET and Push Pull amplifiers.
 Here are the well used and loved 50CA10s my Lux MQ60 uses. They will need to be replaced soon I'm sure.
Here is a pic of the replacement option from Shuguang via Leisure Audio.
 And the not in English Datasheets. 
Yes that is 50v .175a heaters.