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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Nolatet - Black Sheep

One of my favorite bands just released a new album with a video. The band is Nolatet featuring Mike Dillon, Brian Haas, James Singleton & Johnny Vidacovich. The album is No Revenge Necessary. I grew up going to Mike Dillon shows like BillGoat, Harry Ape BMX, and a few others. It has been a pleasure watching Mike Dillon grow as a musician. If your into this sort of thing check it out and watch for Mike Dillon Band or Nolatet as they tour nearly non stop.

Here are a few earlier videos. 



Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mike Dillon Band

Got to see Mike Dillon Band again but it is always a treat because you never know who will be in the band. I did greatly miss Carly on trombone but this version of the band was rock'n.
I believe this pick was taken during the Billygoat classc Old School or it could have been the Dead Kennedy's cover Kill The Poor. 

New Orleans Live 

They are going off tour until JazzFest but if you ever see them on the bill go check em out. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Mike Dillon Band LIVE In Little Rock

Mike Dillon has a new band and I think a new dynamic duo has been formed between Mike and Carly. If you would have told a me a short red head girl would rock the fuck out of a trombone and xylophone I might have had doubts. Carley is a talented powerhouse and grooves right there with Mike. When they play xylophone and vibes together it is a beautiful funky groovy thang. WOW!

Mike Dillon Band is touring Mo, Il, MS, La, NC, Va,  and NY.  If your in the path go see them.  Tour dates.

I got to talk to Mike about the crazy BillyGoat days which was cool. We also talked about the current line up. It seems this band is going to be doing a lot of touring and said they would come back to Little Rock. I was worried about this because turn out was so low for this gig. It was Little Rock on a holiday weekend and game day so it was an opportunity to have a nearly private concert.

Here is a clip of what the new line up is like. Superb.