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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

I see the Azurahorn site has been update or resurected. 
If your into horns and DIY check it out!

I love theirLe Cleach horns. I've heard them on a few systems over the years. The only drawback is they are located in the Outback but don't let that stop you.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sousahorn - 160Hz Horn For Full Range Drivers

This must be Le Cleac'h horn week. Just as soon as I complain that we can't get the big Le Cleac'h horn from Australia due to shipping cost I receive word that they are being built in the US. I spoke with Gary Gill of Capital Audiofest fame briefly about these horns. Gary is behind these horns being produced here in the US. Getting a product of this quality produced is no easy task. The price is also very low in my opinion so if you want a pair at this price I would get a pair soon from Gary's ebay store click here  or search ebay Sousahorn.   .
 If I can wrap up my primary speaker system this year it would be really cool to start on my secondary system. I'd like to try a Lowther on one of these horns with a TSCM underneath or some other large bass horn.
I received an email from Mike Seddon of Azurahorn who says these are not authorized copies of his work. I hope Mike and Gary can get together to work out this misunderstanding.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Horns From Down Under - Azurahorn

These guys in Perth build some great horns. I wish they were closer as they can't ship their larger horns. Hmm.. perhaps we could fill a large storage container and ship them to New Orleans :).  The horns are in the following flare rates: 160Hz, 204Hz, 340Hz, 425Hz and 550Hz. Those of us outside of Australia are restricted to the 425Hz and 550Hz. They sound superb and would do well on top of any big bass horns. Check out the impressive curves here

A few examples from their gallery. Their push pull horn is very interesting.