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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Klipschorn Jubilee by Roy Delgado and PWK

 The weekend in Hope was a blast. PWK and Roy Delgado's Jubilee two way loudspeaker is truly state of the art. It is simply the best loudspeaker I have ever heard. Roy has it so dialed in it is just amazing. If you can make the pilgrimage in Hope next year please do.  That experience is so fresh in my mind I thought I'd do a Jubilee post.

Roy and PWK started this project in the 90's while PWK was in his 90's. Back then the Jubilee had a K403 which I happen to own as the HF horn. Sadly with Paul's passing the project did not move forward. 


Roy made a great move and had the Jubilee bass bin placed in the pro cinema line. This was a great move as it was in production in some form. Roy saw lot of rapid Klipsch fans on the forums(including me) wanting to know why it wasn't released. Roy Delgado hoping to deter fans pointed them at the cinema line thinking it was way too ugly to put in a home but in a surprising move many fans bought them and put thesed giant cinema speakers in their homes. It is like Henry Ford said you can have it in any color as long as it is black. Personally I love the Klipsch pro line and there are some real gems there. The pro horns and horn loaded subs are top notch.


The hardcore Klipsch fans with these cinema speakers worked very hard to make them fit into their homes. This reminds me of the Klipsch designer speakers where it was up to the decorator or owner to make them look nice. Here are the many early Jubilee's.. This is only available via cinema line so you need a cinema dealer to sell you the setup. 

Here are a few examples of what people of done with their Jubilee's. They start as just black and eventually Klipsch was nice enough to offer a veneered front. So some veneer is factory but most was done by the owner. Check it out. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The 403 Horn by PWK and Roy Delgado

I don't often post on my own equipment. This is mostly because my system is modest by comparison to most of my friends systems. I'll start with one item that is worth sharing which is the 403. This horn was to be the consumer horn for PWK's Jubilee system designed with Roy Delgado. Roy and PWK both had their preferences for horn design. This horn is a combination of their design criteria. From what I have been able to put together Roy uses his trademark modified Tractrix curve and PWK insist on a 1.4 inch throat and collapsing verticals. This creates a great sounding horn with little or no need for eq.. I don't eq this one from 600hz to 18khz.
 28 inches wide
10 inches high
11 inches deep
The 403 horn is a prototype that never went into full production. 
Would I love to have it made out of wood? YES!
Wood was to be the material it was made of but hey it is a miracle I have these horns anyway.

This wooden one was made in Italy but they mistook the bumps in the horn for a mistake instead of an intentional transition point in the horn. I can only imagine how mad PWK and Roy were when this showed up at Klipsch labs after shelling out thousands of dollars.

There may be better drivers than the BC DE82 but that is the driver PWK picked out for this horn and for that reason it stays. The only thing I would change would be to roll off the high end a little just before it breaks up on the high end.. I haven't bothered because that is where my hearing drops as well.

This curve is not smoothed just a ballpark one I made of the 403.
 The Jubilee LF and 403 HF were the last horns PWK was involved with at Klipsch and what a way to go out. Horn building and designing to the end.
Thank you Roy and PWK.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Klipschorn Jubilee Prototype

Here is a prototype of the Klipschorn Jubilee when PWK thought it would be the start of a new speaker line available in three sizes. There were many cosmetic prototypes made to try to make it acceptable for home and a good waf. It was to be a new Klipschorn but since its performance was much better than the Klipschorn it was given its own name. The Jubilee bass horn was lower in distortion had lower bass response and extended out to 1khz where as the Klipschorn takes a dive around 500. For voicing the bass bin was crossed over at its highest at 600hz and 400 at its lowest. This enabled PWK to realize one of his long term goals to make a Klipschorn a two way horn system. PWK and Roy Delgado really did some amazing work for PWK's last project. It is a shame PWK passed and Klipsch did not put it in the consumer line.
This prototype is MIA. If anyone has seen it please contact me. Pictured with the Jubilee is Valerie Klipsch.

Friday, March 9, 2012



Thanks for all the great horns.

This post originated at retro vintage modern hi-fi

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Klipschorn Jubilee Home Theater and Two Channel System

Rigma started five years ago on an over the top DIY Klipschorn Jubilee build finished in Rosewood veneer. Most of the gear in the following pics were built by Rigma except for the other 5 Jubilees.
Details on this system.
The front left and right Jubilee's are 'clones' we built about 5 years ago.

All of the other 5 are factory built.

Behind the left and right Jubilee's are Danley DTS-10's which we built from kits.

The crossovers you see on the sidewalls were built by us to Roy's schematic using the best components we could find.

Following is the way the speakers are used:


Front L & R and Center Jubilee's with 402/TAD 4002 are powered by WE-300B Mono Blocks built from scratch.

The other front Jubilee Bass Bins are powered by Crown K1 and are operating from 20 HZ to 55 HZ with EQ to add only the frequency's needed to obtain a flat response down to 20 HZ.

The rear Jubilee Bass Bins, also powered by Crown K1, are adding a little boost at 32 HZ only.

The preamp is a scratch built Berman 76 with a custom phono section designed by K&K Audio.

Turntable is a VPI Aries II with Ortofon Jubilee cartridge.

CD Player is Jolida feeding a K&K Audio extreme RAK DAC


Front L & R are powered by a Crown D-300A Series II with speakers set to small.

Center is powered by a Crown D-150A Series II in Mono.

The other front Jubilee Bass Bins are powered by Crown K1 and are operating from 30 HZ to 80 HZ

The Danley's are powered by Crown K1 and are operating from 10 HZ to 40 HZ

The rear Jubilee Bass Bins, also powered by Crown K1, and the 501/K69 horn is powered by a Crown D-150A series II

The preamp processor is a McIntosh MX-135

Blu-Ray player is an OPPO Special Edition

Screen is 110" Seymour Acoustically Transparent

For both Music and HT:

The sub processing and rear are handled by a USM-810. The bass is tamed by a analog Rives Parc Unit.

I've seen these massive passives in person and the pictures do not do their scale or quality justice.
The 300B amplifiers used for music are wonderful. I've had a desire to get back to triodes after I fisrt heard these. Like his other builds these utilize high quality parts throughout.

I thought I was a Jubilee fan but Rigma has me topped. This is absolutely superb. Congrats on the build as this had to take considerable time to put together.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Koa Klipschorn Jubilee by Jorjen

I am working on a history of the Klipschorn Jubilee for a lengthy post but in the mean time I can't help but post this eye candy. This is DIY believe it or not. I've recently heard the baby cheeks and they are really good. The mid horn is a tractrix horn which I have also heard but not with a TAD driver. This system just has to sound good. The cabinet work is just over the top.

I don't have specifics on the crossover design but they are pretty.

Incredible work Jorjen.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday PWK The Legend In Sound

Paul W Klipsch would have been 106 today. Thanks for the reminder from Klipsch employee Trey Cannon. Thank you for the incredible speakers PWK.

You just know what is about to happen in this photo. That guy is about to get a Bull Shit button flash.

At the controls in the Hope labratory with the mighty Klipschorn.

This is Paul W Klipsch at a CES show unveiling his newborn Klipschorn Jubilee. Unfortunately Klipsch Corp scrapped the project after Paul's Passing. The Klipschorn Jubilee LF and K403 HF were a genius swan song from one of the great speaker builders.