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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1957 Presenting THE FRAZIER SERIES Brochure By IEC

 This brochure was a real eye opener for me. I didn't know that Frazier's were once manufactured by International Electronics Corporation. Nor have I ever seen The Frazier Californian... Oh mama...... That is superb. Shipping weight 400lbs........ Mmmmmmmm


 OMG This is the speaker I want to find. The Californian utility... It is a good size it is two way and big ole folded bass horn.... A few of my favorite things.
Thank you for email me this one.... Wow...

EDIT: Additional information from Todd Crane.
FYI International Electronics was "FRAZIER" It was Frazier-May way back, but it was still Jack's Co., and the speakers were still hand made by some of the guy's father's that were still at Frazier when Jack died. (sons and grandson's) Jack loved the 30 some odd people that worked for him. Two 15 min breaks a day with NO time clock, other than to punch in and out each day. A plot out back where the guys could grow their gardens...etc, and Jack talked to EACH employee EVERY day!