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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lee Scratch Perry and Guiness

I am a Guinness fan from way back as well as Lee Scratch Perry. Apparently Lee Scratch Perry did a couple commercials for Guinness. This is a compilation of those commercials and crazy outtakes. How I would have loved to have been on this team.

I am here with my brain in my suitcase.

For those not familiar with Lee Scratch Perry. He was the first to scratch on a record. He was also the first to produce Bob Marley among many others. When Chris Blackwell went to Jamaica and signed Marley along with several others Perry was obviously not happy. After Marley died Perry wrote a song called Judgement Ina Babylon calling Chris Blackwell a vampire and perhaps he was correct.

Chris Blackwell is a vampire.

Into his 70's ;) Repentance is an amazing cd. Not my favorite song off the cd but the only one with a video. Perry seems to be having fun.