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Monday, May 8, 2017

A Folded Horn Design - December 1956

Another folded horn design article. I never get enough of these.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Super Horn A Fold Horn Enclosure 1950's

A very cool corner horn. This would be a nice project. I love corner horns. Check it out.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Spherovox - Corner Folded Horn

This is a very interesting corner horn design from Spherovox. They have some very interesting products and information on their site . I have a corner horn fetish so I found this design very original. I'd like to see their scrap pile for this prototype. 
* Excerpt from their site. 

Low-Frequency horn loaded systems for π/2 radiation are designed employing push-push operated dual membrane loudspeakers, closely mounted in parallel against each other. Tree Axis Symmetrical and efficient horn mouth loading is transformed to a symmetrical and uniform membrane cone loading. By doubling loudspeaker diaphragm, and respectively horn throat, lower horn cut-off frequency was achieved with the same extension rate, besides acoustic power doubling. Two such corner horn systems could be stacked together for quarter space π-loading, with important usage in front-of-stage subwoofer applications. Four horn systems are grouped together over the floor or on the ceiling for 2 π-radiation. Finally, 8 such systems could be united for full space low-frequency radiation.

Placing reduced size horns in room corners for better driver loading at low frequencies has been known even before 1940s, when Paul Klipsch patented his Klipschhorn [1]. This horn is driven by a single loudspeaker and is by far the most copied design, probably still in production. Well known is also the double push-push loudspeaker structure [US Patent 4,923,031], which has also a double loudspeaker pair version.

Most developments, to our knowledge, have a common setback – the inability to achieve the necessary for many practical applications multiple arrangement capability, keeping at the same time spherical space radiation symmetry. A further drawback of most of the known low frequency horn loaded systems is that they don’t exhibit symmetrical loudspeaker membrane loading, which vastly shortens the operational life of the horn systems.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Electro Voice And Licensing From Klipsch

There was a very close and financially beneficial relationship between Electro-Voice and Klipsch for many years but especially in the early days. Almost all of the Electro Voice folded horn designs were licensed from Paul Klipsch. That was what PWK did best in my opinion. One of the best speaker cabinet designers. This was also no secret it is mentioned openly and proudly in early hi-fi literature.

Electro voice also took PWK concepts and ran with them. Look at the Patrician IV which was a gigantic Klipschorn an 18 inch woofer. There are traces of PWK all over the Electo Voice literature. This sort of business relationship is very interesting to me. Next time I get to talk to Mr.Hunter at Klipsch I'll have to ask about this.

EV Aristocrat Designed by Klipsch

EV Baronet Designed by Klipsch

It would be nice if Klipsch would write a Paul W Klipsch biography from more of a technical standpoint like the McIntosh and Quad books. A history of every speaker and prototype would be very nice.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Soniphase Fully Horn Loaded Speakers

You have to admire a speaker company that offers a home theater system built around bass horns.

These are described as Reflex-Ported Folded Horn Loudspeakers.


SLS15 Utility


J2 TWIN 15

All these horns look great. I would love to hear them. I can't help what they would sound like with a passive woofer instead of a port? I hope we see more from Soniphase in the future.