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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Upsetter Lee Scratch Perry

Lee Scratch Perry is one of the best producers of our age. Sound engineers are still trying to reverse engineer his techniques. He is in his 80's and still producing and releasing his own records. The funny thing about Perry is when the mic or cameras are on he is the very eccentric crazy Upsetter but as soon as that stuff goes away he is as normal as apple pie.
I just found this cool documentary called The Upsetter which is narrated by Benicio Del Toro. This should be superb and I've already ordered my copy.

In 1980 Paul McCartney was arrested in Japan for bringing 8ozs of pot. Lee Scratch Perry upon hearing about this injustice wrote a letter to the Japanese Minister Of Justice. I'd like to think it helped secure his early release from jail.
Now Lee Scratch Perry was producing the best artist in Jamaica until the arrival of Chris Blackwell. This did not sit well with Perry so he wrote this over the top song called Judgement In A Babylon. This is one of my favorites. I need to find this 45... ROFLMAO...
" He killed Bob Marley and take away his royalty. -He killed Bob Marley
and anhilize the Wailers. -Chris Blackwell is a vampire, who's sucking the
blood of the sufferah, ah. Tom Hayes is a vampire, who's sucking the
blood of the sufferah. -Chris Blackwell killed Bob Marley and take away
his royalty because Bob Marley was speaking the truth. -So he set him up
to get rid of him, because he's working for the mafias. -I saw Chris Blackwell
in Nassau, drinking the blood of a chicken in a rum glass and have the heart to
offer Iman a drink " Lee Scratch Perry

" Chris Blackwell come to Jamaica and want to sign up all the artist, because
he wants to control Jamaican music, then he can take the black man music
and promote his white artists, but Jahovia Jah Rastafari said it won't work
he get a jerk " Lee Scratch Perry

On a lighter note here is the compilation of Lee Scratch Perry Guinness adverts...