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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Weekend Hanging Out With Experience Music And Intact Audio Part II

Nothing.... Nothing beats a large well designed horn system.
 I love the size and scale of this system. You can't fight physics horns just have to be big. The sound of this system was true to source, imaged beautifully, and had that extraction of detail I love. I got to hear this system a little louder than on previous visits which was a treat.
When I heard Junior Marvin's Police And Thieves and Roots Train on this system I was floored. This album was produced by Lee Scratch Perry so quality was very high from cymbals to vocals to thick bass. All the tracks we went through on this system were incredible. Jeffrey also played me some very early Phish that was extremely innovative so I am going to find that album. I didn't think I was a Phish fan well now I am.
Here is Stacey modeling the horns. She is 6ft tall so that gives you a good idea of scale.
If you have known Jeffrey and Dave for very long you realize they are nocturnal music listeners. Now when I think of the Eimac 75TL amplifiers it is glowing tubes in the dark that come to mind. 
 When I look around at all the gear I notice all the equipment in the house is chock full of custom wound Slagle transformers, autoformers, and chokes. That is alot of winding. Dave and Jeffrey are a great team and build stunning gear. The fact that they are founding members of the no bling coalition is an added bonus. The only shine you'll find is from glowing tubes.   
Eimac 75tl output stage
 Western Electric 287A mercury thyratron rectification
 Can't believe I didn't get better pics of the 75TL or the EMIA AVC with remote volume control or the phono stage.... WTF... I guess I was just enjoying the music.

This pic is from my GoPro camera which isn't great close up as it distorts but here it is anyway. 

The EMIA guys are too humble to say it so I will. 
If you need custom audio I can say with 100% confidence that Jeffrey Jackson and Dave Slagle are among the best. I've heard their horn systems, WE field coils with their supplies, phono stages, preamps, and they are all top notch. Guess I'm a junkie too.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Hanging Out With Experience Music And Intact Audio Part I

I was fortunate enough to hang out with Jeffrey Jackson of Experience Music and Dave Slagle of Intact Audio AKA EMIA for a weekend in upstate New York. The Hudson Valley and surrounding area was beautiful and a nice change of pace from the south. The weather and culture change was very refreshing.

Jeffrey and Dave lured me into a kayak for a quick trip to a small island and the Hudson River. You should have seen the rope and pulley system the developed to get me in and out of the kayak. 
I must admit I was a little suspicious because in the south no one goes kayaking until the weather warms up. I've seen the movies Evil Dead and Blair Witch..... 

I was straining to hear them but I thought I heard something about getting Iain to eat a newt before getting him off the island. It must have been paranoia because I didn't eat a newt...

Speaking of the movie Evil Dead and not the new one. This spooky little cabin reminded me of that movie big time. I could not find a copy of the necronomicon. We walked through a few acres of abandoned structures off the Hudson.

 Jeffrey found a nice French cast iron pan but why is he coming at me with it???
 My paranoia was completely unfounded as I was rewarded with wonderful craft beer and great food at the end of the day. 
 This will conclude the non audio portion of these posts. It was an incredible weekend.

The next couple of post will be packed with nothing but high quality audio porn.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Way Back Machine To New York Noise 1999 - 2002

I read about New York Noise many years ago at Enjoy The Music. It influenced my audio research greatly that these insane DIY guys were building and doing audio that broke the mold of the stuffy audiophile. These DIY audio events took place from 1999 to 2002. New York Noise is history now but most of these guys are still doing crazy DIY audio and some even professionally.
Sean Sakamoto uploaded the only video footage I could find of a New York Noise event. This also includes some time with JC Morrison aka The Sound Hacker who hosted the event. This video deserves more views than it currently has so if you haven't seen it check it out.

Many names I've been reading articles or posts by over the years attended New York Noise. I met Dave Slagle at last years LSAF. The funny thing is I didn't realize until recently that he was the crazy guy that I had seen on Adnan Arduman's website. This image stuck in my head for a long time. I didn't have a frame of reference for what was going on here and at the time I thought what the hell is going on here.

Bob Danielak's driftwood amp... Yup driftwood.  That cracks me up.
Check out what this DIY community was up to back then... 

Friday, August 5, 2011

RCA DuoCone 515S2 DIY Klipsch Rebel Cabinet

I am surprised it took me so long to get to hear these speakers. This is my setup for their trial run. Two RCA 515S2 drivers one I repaired and the other I bought from Terrence in St.Louis. The one from St.Louis is in a really well made Klipsch Rebel cabinet. Associated gear is as follows. The preamp or autoformer volume control is from Dave Slagle at If you haven't tried an autoformer volume control you owe it to yourself to do so. You will not regret it. The Luxmann KMQ60 is from my friend Terry and it is a great piece featuring the rare NEC 50CA10 power tubes. Source was my laptop. Measurements were taken using truerta via an ecm8000 mic. DISCLAIMER these are amateur measurements taken at 3ft just to get me in the ballpark. If you see something wrong or have advice please share.
RCA 515S2 in Klipsch Rebel cabinet. It does have some improved bass from the cabinet.
Pink Noise. Peek Hold. 3ft. Not smoothed.
Same as above just looks different.
Pink Noise. Peek Hold. 3ft. Not smoothed.
This is the RCA515S2 on the floor in front of the cabinet. It seems my repair was ok and not detrimental to the cabinet. That is really cool. Holy Cow I fixed something and it works afterwards.
Pink Noise. Peek Hold. 3ft. Not smoothed.
Ah what the hell this is with both woofers playing. Pretty much the same.
Pink Noise. Peek Hold. 3ft. Not smoothed.
I like how these sound. I'm surprised I have such a favorable impression given that the high end takes a dive around 10k. They have a really nice feel to them. More listening this week.

I'm wondering what to do with them? Add a tweeter? Should I build another Rebel cabinet or build one of Olson's old corner speaker cabinets. It may be interesting to make an old school console. What do you think? Any advice much appreciated

I was just looking at an ad for the 515S2 and it is advertised at 40-12,000. Also I look at the LC1A and they measure very closely. Interesting.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Intact Audio - Slagel AVC - Is Less More?

I have been wanting to experiment with a passive preamp or transformer based volume control for a few years now. In fact doing research about passive preamps and autoformer volume controls I found many of my old posts asking about them. Recently Dave kindly let me use one of his autoformer volume controls which was unexpected but heavy boxes at your doorsteps are wonderful things. Out of the box visually it does have the drug through the Hudson look although I would call it steampunk. Very cool looking device and not your ordinary boring high dollar black box solution.
I'm not an "audiophile" reviewer but just a guy with a new piece of equipment to listen to for a few weeks. As I told Dave and Jeffery I'm not great at putting into words what I hear. I can't discern the crinkling of Diana Kralls nipples as I'm listening to a piece of music nor will I delve into audiophile techno babel verbal masturbation. I hate that crap. Please shoot me if I start to do that.
Now with that out of the way I'll try to tell you what I noticed as best I can. This is in my system in my room so your mileage may very. It took me a little while to find out what this box is and does. I read the FAQ numerous times. The less is more approach does appeal to me but this thing doesn't even have a power cord LOL. The speakers I use are very revealing and efficient so I am accustomed to detail. This is where I may struggle a little. Now when I added the Slagle AVC it took me a while but I knew something was different. After being in place a few days I noticed there seemed to be even more detail and more information on songs I knew by heart. It was like getting a more powerful microscope but for music and system. When I switched sources it was apparent which source was superior. Listening to cds was not as enjoyable as vinyl. The system with cds sounded pretty good but the vinyl was king in this setup. My 301 suddenly asked me for a better cartridge and my George Wright AG Phono preamp asked me to dial down the gain. Once dialed down it was very nice. I also noticed the needle was dirty faster than normal due to the noise but once removed the music shone through. These were just a few very simple but telling observations. There are times when you add a piece of equipment to your system and it raises the bar. This certainly happened with the Slagle AVC. Adding the AVC reminded me of my first experience with highly efficient speakers. They are very honest and true to the sources and source material. That says more than anything I can think to convey about the AVC. It has been a while since I changed anything in my system so I know it very well. I've been blissfully listening to music since getting my speakers together. Now it seems I may be on a new path. How can so few parts make such a big difference? I don't know but it does. In this instance less is more. Take the less resistive path.

Photo from the first five minutes of listening. Sorry for the iPhone quality pic.
System components:
Klipsch Jubilee LF clones.
K403 protorype last hf horn PWK designed with Roy Delgado.
ALK ESN 120DB slope crossover
Cambridge Azur 640C CDP
Garrard 301 Jelco 12" Ortofon 2M blue
George Wright AG Phono Telefunkens and square halo Mullards.
Pioneer 707
Tube Luxman KMQ60/SQ38 50CA10 based 30wpc

This post originated at retro vintage modern hi-fi