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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oswalds Mill Monarch

The first time I saw the Monarch I thought oh man the Monarch is gonna be pissed. If you watch the venture brothers its pretty funny otherwise maybe not lol.... Oh well. I'd like to think they named it after The Monarch instead of the butterfly.

The Monarch is a nice looking speaker and I do like two way speakers for simplicity sake. Looks like a Bill Woods horn on top which isn't a big surprise.

From OMA.
The OMA Monarch is the new standard for a two way speaker. Two 15" woofers mounted in a unique enclosure deliver bass that no high end design using small woofers can even hope to match. 104db efficiency (1w/1m) means any low powered tube amplifier can drive the Monarch. Large solid wood baffles help load the woofers and make room placement far less demanding. OMA's proprietary cast aluminum alloy horn and compression driver cover the midrange and high frequencies, with superb integration due to a simple crossover network.

The Monarch is available in a range of wood types and finishes. Shown in Pennsylvania Black Walnut.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

AH! Horns by Bill Woods

I ran into Bill Woods horns on the net for the first time last year. One of his horns seemed a good match for my Jubilee bass horns. This horn was the AH! 500. The worlds first conical radial horn. This horn was built for use in Chinese theaters for TAD components. I've exchanged many emails with Bill. He is very helpful and patient with even the most basic questions.

Bill woods also offers three different conical horns as well. Here is a look at the AH! 700.

It seems Bill has been working on a new Bass horn. The AH!50 is a thing of beauty and I hope to hear it someday. The website says the prototype is too expensive for production but another production version is in the works. It features a bass horn and hist AH!300 horn.

Bill Woods has designed many horns over the years. Here is one of his large ones from the 70's. Gotta love large horns.

AH! Acoustic Horns