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Monday, November 3, 2014

B&O MultiCell Horn

I need a translation of this one. Still I dig the multicells.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

1949 B & O Klipschorn Type Speaker Corner HH 1

I've been on the trail of this B and O speaker for some time. I found some decent pictures recently. I do like the style of the build and the multicell horn. Still this is an early rip off of a Klipschorn or the Vitavox. This is around the same time that Vitavox started their version of the Klipschorn although it was legal via Klipsch. We do know that Baldwin  ripped off the Klipschorn and Brociner built some early Klipschorns for Klipsch. Interesting to see these different companies building their interpretation of the Klipschorn legally and not.

It does look great.
Yeah that is the unique internals of the Klipschorn. The use of two woofers is interesting.
Does anyone recognize this driver?

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