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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Brook 12A Sings Again

The input wire on this old timey 6 pin plug from preamp to amp was disconected. I am looking for another plug as this one clearly has issues. It is repaired best we can but really needs a new one. Thanks to Chris Hornbeck for his trouble shooting skills!
 I built a pair of clones and they do not even come close to the real deal Brook 12A. Going to have to do something about that. We studied this Brook as it was restored by Richard Modaferri of McIntosh fame.
Sadly they go home Friday 8-(

 This is what Modaferri did for this Brook. I will be doing the exact same thing in my clones.
For any Brook fans this amplifier is very stable and sounds amazing on PWK's Jubilees... Stunning...

Sunday, February 1, 2015

My 1st DIY SET AMP 2A3/45 Part 1

It's ALIVE!!!!! Welll.. Sort of....

 I've always wanted to build my own tube amp so when I was in New York in May hanging with Jeffrey and Dave they sent me home with a schematic and enough parts to get started on a Stereo 45/2A3 amp. I have been moving toward this project at a glacial pace. I had a bit of help from my friend Chris on layout and the use of his drill press. Metal is so so messy..... 
 I like the looks even if it isn't perfectly symmetrical. That makes me abit crazy... loll

 So how did it go? 
Well after my friend Chris went over my work yesterday he only found one issue with a wrong resistor rating which he happened to have so he dropped them by for me today. I completed my homework and plugged it in and turned it on.
Some hum.... Only one channel working.... Sound is coming out.
But no smoke no burning no smoke 8-)
 I wasn't going to post until it was working perfectly but that wouldn't be very honest or fun. We learn the most from mistakes anyway.
Stay tuned for part 2. 

EDIT Part 1.34
It turns out parts like LED's have polarity and if one is reversed it does not work. Now I have both channels working and the amp is stable. However it just sounds terrible. Tomorrow I'll dive in to take measurements to see what else I have done wrong and buggered up. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

NOS 2A3 Stash

When a friend out of the blue starts asking about 2A3 amps I got a little suspicious. Let us call the friend the Tube Hoarder. I was going to call him Collector but he is beyond that at this time. Anyway I was at his place to listen to some tunes when he pulls out this amazing stash of 2A3 NOS tubes in beautiful boxes. I mean the tubes are still in the dam boxes. If they were mine I'm not sure I could open them. Anyway here are some pics of NOS 2A3 tubes in their original boxes unopened..... Sigh..... Wow....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thoradson Quality Amplifiers

I'm not sure what year this was but 2A3 6L6 and 6F6 tubes are the flavor of the day. The price list is great....If only...

This post originated at retro vintage modern hi-fi