Sunday, December 29, 2019

1951 High Fidelity Ads Featuring Khorns

It is interesting that the Klipschorn shown right next to the Brociner electronic crossover and preamp. In this 1951 magazine Klipsch has several ads one in this report, a Brociner, and RadioShack ad. It wasn't long after this that Klipsch quit liocensing others to build their speakers.

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  1. Paul Klipsch and Radio Shack, 1952. That's amazing.
    It says, "Radio Shck also supplies an optional complete speaker system". Is that to say for $132.50 you get the enclosure only. The ad doesn't say it includes the 15" woofer, it says it's "Designed for 15" woofer". I wonder what the drivers were and what they cost? I wonder if they were 2 way from Radio Shack?


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