Sunday, October 6, 2019

RIP Ginger Baker

Ginger Baker was a hell of a drummer perhaps one of the best this is proven not with his Cream rock drumming but when he went to Legos, Africa. I'll get this out of the way Cream was good but I am board to tears wirth rock. The work Ginger Baker did with Fela's bands took his drumming to a much higher level. Their work was stunning. If it wasn't for Ginger perhaps Fela and AfroPop wouldn't be as well known. I likely have Ginger to thank for my 20 year obsession with African music. Thank you Ginger.

Ginger and Fela

Ginger Baker Drumn Solo

Ginger Baker and the talking drums.

A small story about Ginger and Fela.

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  1. Enjoy you blog and any new iterations. Agree about Ginger, I am watching a biographic film about him currently.


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