Monday, August 26, 2019

Monolithic Tube Power Supply Success!

Chris and I have been working on this power supply off and on for a year and a half. There is alot under the hood on this one. The previous power transformer failed but we had this beautiful Kenyon transfomer available. This power supply is stable and runs cool at 940v and 280ma.
 Of course the mercury vapors are 866A but the not so common tubes are the 6D22S which has a 30 second warm up.
 The blue glow is captivating and the westing house meters are stunning.

 I filmed our first startup here.

Now to build the other three chassis for this amplifier 8-)


  1. That's pretty sweet! Congrats on figuring out the issue!
    Like the variac BTW.. I have the same one!

    1. Yeah it is a beast 8-) Will last longer than us...

  2. Wonderful. Thank you for the wonderful video. i love working mercury rectifiers in action. :)

  3. Could you post the schematic? I wanna build one.


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