Sunday, August 25, 2019

Freed MEGOHMMETER Test equipment.

My friend Chris brought over another piece of cool test equipment. This is not just an ohm meter but a MEGOHMMETER!!!!! Great googlie mooglie!! I've been honing my DIY skills repairing old test equipment. We have been through a stack of Sound Technology test gear. Next on the list may be a few old scopes. Not sure when we will get to this one but it sure is cool.


  1. The terminals upper left have 500 volts on uninsulated terminals. From when men were men, and sheep were afraid.

  2. These devices are generally used for measuring insulation resistance in power systems and equipment where leakage currents can appear at higher voltages.
    They are still in use today, 1000V is more typically used. Checking heating cable installations, for example.

    1. Freed made these, possibly for testing their transformers' winding insulation, and we hope to use it for that. Don't have a schematic or any instructions. The thing does have a small sweep tube probably for making high voltages (like a Tek scope) so we're hoping for some kilovolts.


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