Monday, June 17, 2019

Sound Technology Stereo Test Gear In For Repair

My friend Chris brought over a stack of Sound Technology gear that had seen very little use over the years. The ST1200A Stereo Tesst Panel  is the first piece of gear we tested and it seemed to function without issue but true test is after the other pieces are connected. Working on test gear is way more complicated than old tube amps...

The ST1700B Distortion Measurement System is not functioning. Chris found a handful of old electrolytics that need to be replaced I will be expert at the end of this one. There might be 40 caps to replace. Good experience for a solder monkey.

ST1500A Tape and Record Test System. Chris has all the tapes and records for these pieces. Very rare.. This is almost a computer has some early processors and eeproms. A very interesting piece. Getting these up and running will be interesting.

 Will post progress as it happens. 


  1. Just looking at these made my head explode. ;-)

  2. Keep the Sound Technology test gear articles coming please. I have a couple of pieces of ST test gear - will let you know model numbers shortly. Thanks for embarking on this series.

    1. I will do. We are currently working on the distortion analyzer.

      Thanks for the feedback.

    2. Cool test gear. I wish you the best fortune restoring and getting it operating. Just one comment, that board with all the UV Eproms---if those "windows" were not covered by something opaque they may all be erased/compromised.

    3. Thank you we got the test panel, distortion analyzer, and fm analyzer up and running. The one that intimidates me is the 1500A with UV Eproms. Such a crude computer. Thanks for the heads up.


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