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Stephens -Symphony In Sound

I've actually heard most of the items in this ad. You can't go wrong with vintage Stephens.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Jensen - Formost In Advanced-design Loudspeakers

Crazy measuring rig.

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When researching origins of surf music the first name that comes up is Dick Dale. Late 50's to early 60's was an interesting time the rise of surf music and 1958 say the use of the first power chord by Link Wray. I only have a few Dick Dale records but a ton of Ventures and various artist LPs.
Rebel In The Ring

Bony Moronie

Surfin The Wedge

So long and thanks for all the music. 

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Roy Delgado Official Klipschorn AK6 Video

Roy Delgado talks about some of the biggest changes made to the Klipschorns in years.

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RCA CD-60 First DJ Tables?

 The CD-60 was sold only to Victor dealers for the purpose of allowing customers to audition records before making a purchase. It provided electrical playback, and multiple sets of headphones were supplied instead of a loudspeaker. The CD-60 was introduced in 1927 and it was produced into the early 1930's.

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