Saturday, February 23, 2019

Culture Is Not Your Friend

This has bugged me for while.  I don't have JC Morrison's penchant for a rant but I am no less annoyed. Not long ago I made a post that went along the lines of resist hate, resist racism, and resist fascism go vote. I didn't say who or what to vote for just don't vote for racist or fascist.. This should not have been met with argument but it was. What surprised me was the people who commented saying I was a hypocrit for retro girl Friday and that I am alienating my conservative audience by taking a stand against racism and facism. The first was a fox news deflection tactic but alientating conservatives? Good conservatives shouldn't have a problem with this and I don't have a friendly response to the ones that do. Interesting that it only came up when I made a simple statement.
For the record.
 Resist racism. Resist facsism. Resist hatred.
Terence McKenna is my favorite wordsmith and philosopher. He is correct culture is not your friend.

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