Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Horns Of Unusual Size

Great googlie mooglie!! 
To say I have horn envy is an understatement.
 If anyone has further info on this pic from 1964 please let me know. 


  1. This photo is of the internal workings of the human auditory system. The tiny workers who live in the eardrum cavity are adjusting high frequency response for the owner's upcoming birthday celebration. About -3dB at 10KHz per year is traditional.
    Notice too how the walls are made by the larger trumput of the ear canal itself. Chris

  2. the horn was constructed by A.E.G. in Germany during the 1930s , 4 drivers were attached, have 2 photos, in case of interest.

  3. glad my HR 9040's aren't THAT big.... big as they are...

  4. It looks fake in the pic...but hey! ...what do I know?