Saturday, November 24, 2018

Gold Friday Score!

This was my first vintage score for a very long time. I love The Fisher gear so was excited to get a Fisher X-100 and FM50 Tuner for $250. 
Never seen a fisher with font like that and haven't seen one labeled Lew Martin '93. I assume someone put their own label on it in 1993 but why... Weird.

Hmm what to do... remove all tone controls? Make it just simple intergrated amp..

 I found a crispy resistor. It fell apart at a touch.

 A cute lil Amperex.

 The tuner is a FM50. This is my second fisher tuner.. Good stuff.


  1. Good score. Maybe the original Amp logos fate was similar to the Fisher label on the tuner chassis.
    Undoubtedly some delinquent:)
    Great long plate Heerlen 83’s. Few of those in good shape are worth everything you paid.
    Now when you gonna buy my 5th Marvin 112? I dropped the price to peanuts :)

    1. Yeah the other 83 are the same just with a dynaco label. That is a great price on the marvin but also drooling over the quad of amperex EL84s.

  2. I have a very similar rig. My tuner is FM-50. Yours is FM-50B. With the B model Fisher began buying pre-assembled front-ends from Germany rather than assembling the entire chassis from scratch in the U.S. The FM-50B has in-built multiplex conversion. The FM-50 chassis is only half the depth of the FM-50B. The FM-50 has an output for a multiplex convertor. My FM-50 was given to me, back in the day, by a gentleman who upgraded to the FM-50B. My amp is the KX-200. It was kit built, the output tubes are the larger 7591 octal type and it has an in-built biasing meter. Otherwise it appears very similar to your amp. One day in the 1990s, while driving home from work, I spotted it near the curb resting on top of a pile of yard trimmings and broken furniture. I went to the door of the residence and the fellow advised me that his father had built it and additionally he said "Yes please take it if you can use it".