Thursday, March 1, 2018

Knight Kits Advert

I have a few Knight Kit amplifiers. I must admit I did not know they were  Allied products. Nice gear for the day.

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  1. So-so late Fifties! Gosh, it was nice to be alive then.

    Hi-Fi then Stereo, where we had to then have TWO of everything electronic/speaker!

    All I could afford then was that smaller 18-watt mono amp kit shown in the second panel. Later, all-the-while putting matters off and saving, I went BIG and got my first Marantz 7C preamp and 8B amp - rags to riches with not much else endured in-between!

    A bit later, at Henry Radio in WLA, I snagged a pair of boxed unopened model 10 amps of the Marantz persuasion - AT DISCOUNT as they were blowing them out! Not anymore! (This would have been in '68, I think. I can still remember the spectacle Jerry Sharp bringing them out from the back.)

    Ah yes, the "good old days".