Thursday, March 15, 2018

Brook 12A Clones Completed

I finally finished my Brook 12A clone build. The looks are early radio amplifier inspired and the build is pretty close to the original Brook. The only changes are much larger chassis, more modern grounding scheme, shielded input and feedback cables.
Changes? I think I am going to finish the bottom boards to match the top and call it done.
Now I need a few pairs of 2A3's or at least two more of the same brand. I've got a pair of sovtek and EH. Ultimately I'd like a quad of JJ's.

There were a few bumps along the way. It was not behaving well at all on first light but Chris helped me chase the gremlins away.

This is of the new happy amp.

One more check up and they go to the big speakers. 

Lessons learned:
Use real hardwood not plywood.
Don't wrap metal chassis in wood.
Don't trust Sams Photofact.
Wear pants while soldering.
Wear pants!


  1. Yes, always wear pants while soldering ! Nice cabinet!
    BTW,if the plates covering your electrical outlets are metal, then you need to turn the sockets upside down. The idea is that if the plate comes loose while somenthing is connected, it will fall on the ground pin first. Just my 2 cents here... :) Ron in Montreal

    1. My house was built in 1890 so it has issues. The outlets being flipped was a recent code change here in the us. I'll likely flip them in kitchen, bathrooms, and workroom.. Thanks Ron

  2. Atsa Nicce, Iain. Are you going to display them next to your horns? need photos. Congrats.

    1. That is the plan. I need a decent three shelf audio rack. Might have to build them... It never ends LOL 8-)

  3. Looks nice Iain. I built the same in a single chassis.