Sunday, February 4, 2018

Second Horn System Running

With help I got my second horn system up and running this morning. I've been collecting these parts for years lol. Folded bass horn has dual 12" drivers, 233hz tractrix horn has JBL2482s. round tractrix tweeters are some B&C DE250s. The tweeters are a pretty hot so they need a bit of taming. Now to build some top hats and get some tubes...


  1. I wish I was near to Arkansas. I'd like to give your system a listen.

    I wish my house was as tidy as yours. but that's another dream.

    1. Don't let the photo fool you. I cleaned up before pic. lol.... Arkansas is very weird. lol...

  2. Awesome Ian. Looks very powerful.
    Those JC horns could take down your villa.
    Curious to hear about your crossover findings.
    Especially between bass and the mighty 2482.
    Have fun, Mats

    1. The crossover is a take on Klipsch style crossover. The crossover point is 350ish. I didn't realize how much I would love the 2482. Holy cow it is good.


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