Wednesday, February 28, 2018

JBL 1959 Advert

Cool little Metrogon and Paragon ad. One of the most beautiful speakers ever made. 


  1. As I understand, either Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra had two Paragons set up in their respective home.

    I'm surprised I don't see the Paragon/Metrogon in retro mid-century movies. It's so unusual.

    If I'm not mistaken the curved center panel, in effect, forms a segment of a large horn for dispersion of the mid-frequency horn (375 compression driver). The Paragon being the home version based on an early theatre system called "The Ranger".

    Thanks Iain

  2. Hey! Let's not forget the "Minigon"! It was a shelf-sitting version of it's bigger siblings and is SCARCE!

    There should be available here a deep-treatment article on James B. Lansing himself. Did he not commit suicide? Heard that somewhere.