Thursday, January 25, 2018

Eimac Tubes With PYROVAC Plates

First tube ad I've seen solely on plate material but then again Eimac didn't do anything halfassed.


  1. Is this the same thing as Zirconium? Enquiring minds..

  2. Varian EIMAC alas, avoided the audio business like the plague. They resolutely refused to make low or medium mu triodes despite decades of off-again, on-again requests, and would always give some odd excuse. They did make such things as the tiny diodes that went into the HP 410 vtvm probes. Years later i ran into a retired Varian engineer and he laughed: "Yeah, people always wanted that stuff but we avoided those clowns. We wanted nothing to do with that market.".

  3. That is funny. Can't say I blame them. They did make some TL and TH tubes for high and low but low by what standards lol.