Wednesday, September 27, 2017

R.i.P. Arkansas Legendary Bluesman Cedell Davis

Rest In Peace and thank you for all the music. 
Getting to hear Chickenhawk live is one of my favorite live music memories. 


  1. That's sad. I had never heard of Cedell. So long, Cedell.

    I like to celebrate the people we still have with us. When I heard news of Cedell, it brought to mind another veteran of entertainment, Ronnie Hawkins, 'mentor' to The Band. Apparantly, he was a character too.

    Thanks, Iain

    1. I think Ronnie is 82. Keep plugging Ronnie!

    2. Well CeDell's life was the epitome of the blues. He lived on a plantation. He was paralyzed by polio. Trampled in a bar fight and was in a wheelchair the rest of his life. Yet he still found a way to play guitar and travel around to juke joints.