Thursday, March 2, 2017

Sangamo Monster Filament Transformer

Just what you need for a 304TL or anything else needing gobs of current at 6.3 or 5 volts. 
Don't worry guys I have adult expert supervision and I won't end up a french fry.


  1. We sure are worried, Iain.

    Before you start poking around HV circuits,
    make sure you have someone trained up
    to post the HiFi Girl photos promptly every Friday.

    1. I appreciate your concern for my well being.

      Don't worry I have HiFi HiFi Girls scheduled for a few months out. I need another blogger just in case.

  2. We're clearing out dad's electronic room after he passed away and found something extremely similar to this if you or anyone you want to buy it; money is nice but finding someone who appreciates his old, cherished collectibles means a lot more to us. The only markings on it are "UTC H-134 TF 4RX OI HA", the diagram that details the range, and 1- WV 535V Peak, 68 WV 1070V Peak". I can take a pic. We also have a classic old Willard Wet Cell Radio Battery and almost a dozen miscellaneous other electronic gadgets. You can email me if you are interested: God Bless!!