Saturday, January 14, 2017

Klipsch Forte III Heritage Rides Again

I grew up on high efficiency Klipsch speakers. The big Klipsch were always around and since then I've always gravitated to highly efficient low distortion speakers. No bigger bang for the buck than Klipsch heritage. It is so great to see Klipsch digging into the heritage history and bringing back a great speaker like the Forte. I am hoping the Chorus is next. These speakers are handmade in Hope, Ar. How many speaker companies can still say that? Bravo Klipsch.
Beautiful retro design. 

 Klipsch designer Roy Delgado took this tractrix mid horn design from the cinema line which is very successful. It is also where the big fun speakers are. 

Klipsch at CES


  1. Is the Forte' a vented enclosure? Compression radiators?

  2. I WILL own a pair of these

  3. Passive radiators fascinate the heck out of me. I've never heard a set.

    I have my Dad's old JBL Olympus s7. They are a sealed cabinet 15 inch woofer, two way. As a thought excersize I've thought about adding a 15 inch passive radiator to the cabinet. The Soverign was the same cabinet except that it came with a passive radiator.

    However, in theory I don't understand the point of a passive radiator. Doesn't the passive null the driven driver?

  4. A passive radiator functions like a vent. So the forte is a vented speaker, but without some of the problems of a vent. Nothing is for for free though, and PR's present their one set of problems. To complicated to go into here.