Thursday, December 15, 2016

Wheel Fi

The artisans at Wheel Fi have been slowly and carefully building up their product line. They have added a small speaker and a console. I like the fact that they sell complete systems amplifiers built to perfectly match their horn systems. This is a brilliant move. I also appreciate their sense of scale for instance this is considered their small system.  

 This is considered their large system and the first complete system they released. 
This horn is a place holder on the Wheel Fi site for their large system. I can not wait to see their reference for large and the amplifier built for it.

This is the walnut console.


  1. As the English say - bespoke crafted

    1. True but that sounds too toffee nosed 8-)

  2. beautifully crafted but the horn shape is wrong, the coloration will be awful


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