Saturday, November 26, 2016

David Byrne And Brookly Music Factory

I'll always be a David Byrne fan. He is out there having a blast and continuing to make great music. His label Luka Bop has released some of the hottest tracks I've heard. This clip is of David Byrne collaborating with a band of mostly kids from the Brooklyn Music Factory and Doug Hream Blunt.

The amazing evolution of Doug Hream Blunt continues! From never performing live in his entire life… we have just finished three shows here in New York, where he performed with a terrific band of 13-14 year old girls and boys (thank you Brooklyn Music Factory and Clover & The Clockworks!), various professional musicians from around the city… and David Byrne! Here is a video from the last show we did at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, which was made by Doug’s percussionist Geoffrey Hug and his crew.
We would like to send special thanks to Ace hotel and Martin Guitar for believing in Doug to begin with – and who’s String Theory project is bringing him around the world! Also, warm thanks  Amanda Khiri, Dave Levy, Joakim and Luke Jenner for playing with Doug in New York, and to everyone that attended his shows.

Here is more about Doug Hream Blunt. It turns out he has roots in Arkansas as well. Here is a small clip about Doug. Very cool.


  1. Good Morning Little Rock!

    Iain, your eccentric taste in music rocks. . .along with your taste in women types ;)


    1. Thanks! To be truly eccentric it helps o be rich.... Wish I was lol....

  2. Focused on building up a solo career, he worked hard on developing his singing and dancing skills. A lot of people who have met him along the way were very impressed on his professionalism and his drive for work.