Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Kenwood KC-6060 Auido-Lab Scope

Check out the Kenwood KC 6060 scope. Jeffrey Jackson pointed one out to me in his barn but I only just started researching it. This is a cool gadget. I'm sure in the 70's guys would get baked or whatever and watched the patterns but it also has some helpful features.
 This video is so cool. If I ever see one out in the wild I will pic it up.


  1. I'll bet it cost a packet when new

  2. They were more than a regular service grade scope but less than a Tek 475. As an oscilloscope they were very crude but they were convenient and matched the decor for their intended application.

    McIntosh pioneered the genre with their MI-3 and the Japanese pretty much all emulated Mc as much as possible.