Tuesday, August 2, 2016

JBL Minigon

The JBL Minigon is perhaps my favorite bookshelf speaker. Ok that is a short list lol.
Very nice.


  1. a mini paragon. how neat is that.

  2. I have seen forum comments over the years that gave mixed messages on how good the minigons were to listen to. Does anybody have real life experience with these speakers and care to share?

  3. There is very little info on the Minigon the Paragon has a production run of a 1000 units made by Jbl. You can’t find any info on the Minigon. You are correct a lot of people say they sound terrible. They say the le 30 hf driver is the worst Jbl made. So Jbl sold there drivers to be used in their cabinets or diy. Since you no the le 30 is bright and can be shrill at times you must rework the crossover.so I built my crossover with new caps made the hf at 16 ohms and changed the LF driver to 8 ohms. This allowed me to use all the le 10 variants the le 8 and the le 14 drivers. I went with the le 10 h 2 from the highly rated L 96 nobody talks bad about those speakers plus they have the aquaplas on the front. So when I did the crossover I had it done where you could cut the hf le 30 off by turning the control on the crossover and completely kill the le 30’s if needed. So the Jbl is a west coast sound but you are not going to get the booming bass from this cabinet the cubic feet is just not there.what you get is an accurate flat clean sound my surrounds have started to break in and the bass is getting better every day I remove red the old insulation and installed the black insulation for sound that all the IMAX theaters used this brought the bass up. People who say they are not that great they don’t own them or ever recapped any gear with my fully recapped Sx 1250 they are show stoppers in looks and sound. I have a Fisher 600 that will be fully recapped and can’t wait to see how they sound with that unit. The le 30 can get loud and I’m alway making adjustments between rock or blues or jazz to keep it under control The way I build it is why I love to tinker its like restoring a car you build it your way.

  4. After 72 hours of break in time I know I made a great choice with the L96 woofers I finally put some real wattage into the speakers I didn’t think I was babying the speakers but I was. There was the west coast sound JBL is known for, 10 clicks on the SX 1250 volume control and they were singing and thumping they showed no harsh highs and bass was tight and could feel the bass hit into your body. Don’t under estimate these speakers you have to listen to speakers for more than a few hours before you can tell what they really are like And these are keepers with bad @ss west coast sound.

  5. I don't believe in snap judgements either. I like to live with a speaker before making any pronouncements.

  6. I own and listen to my Minigon system daily. After refoaming the 10's and recapping the crossovers, I was quite pleased with the result. The LE30s are smooth and the LE10s provide more low end than you would expect. This system replaced some C38s loaded with 130As, 175s and 075s. Maybe not quite as detailed a sound, but they look spectacular in the room.

  7. I have my Dad's Minigons that he purchased in 1960. They were refoamed by the JBL factory in 1979: they were meant to be a lifetime speaker, but JBL underestimated the effects that pollution would have on the surrounds. The JBL technician said then that the Minigons were the finest sounding JBL cabinets ever made and offered him $3,000 for the pair back then!

    The surrounds need to be refoamed and the tweeters are dented. There are some cosmetic dings, as you'd expect with 58-year old cabinets. I have all the original documentation from the day he bought them. And JBL will still honor the lifetime warranty to this day!

    1. Yes, I know them, I've heard them and I loved them!
      Hey Josh! Robert Tan

  8. Just seeing this now, Robert Tan. How the heck are you??? They're complete and as Danny A was a packrat, I also have every shred of documentation and paperwork that came with them in 1960. Do you want them?


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