Thursday, August 18, 2016

Altec 3000A Tweeter

Early Altec multi cell tweeter the 3000A. It is in the bat slaying territory at 22000hz. This was also used as tweeter in early multi cells.


  1. My uncle had a pair of Altecs back in the early 70's. I was around 11 years old and I can still remember the presence of those speakers. Ones sonic memory never forgets.

  2. Its nice that you are showing this because I am looking for a Altec Tweeter
    The tweeter on my 601c has lost its tweeter and I have found that this was a factory only repair, and they repaired by one guy. Then the guy no longer does the work.
    Do you know if these 3000A would work as a fill in for the blown 601C tweeter and work with the Network for the 601c?

    1. Actually the 3000A was the tweeter for the 601C.

  3. Anybody know the nominal impedance of this unit?

    Also, is the 3000A the same as the tweeter used in the 601-8D Duplex speaker?

  4. They're all the same.....just stick 'em in and go!


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