Friday, May 27, 2016

Retro Hi-Fi Girl Friday

There must be a couple hundred in this series. Here is Bettie Page....Again.


  1. you could never accuse Betty of wearing her heart on her sleeeve

  2. I've seen several others from this session, she had less on in those.
    Is this Bunny Yeager's work?

    Bettie was beautiful, but even nuttier than the literature suggests.

    1. True but under the influence of Irving we'd be nutty too.

      Don't think she took a bad picture.

      It doesn't look like Bunny's work or scenery. Bunny took more time to compose every pic.

  3. Bettie had a long history of assaults and violent or self destructive behavior, part of which is well documented in the biographies about her, but like Chuck Berry, she had a lot of things covered up as well. In those days a woman could get away with a lot of things, especially if she had Bettie's assets. She was not a well woman.

    Marilyn Monroe is often spoken of as disturbed, but she was perfectly fine before psychiatry and Method Acting (which can be viewed, like Scientology, as a school of sociopathy) came her way. By contrast, Bettie was always exhibiting bizarre behavior.