Saturday, May 7, 2016

Boat Anchor or High Voltage Power Supply SCORE!

I had been lamenting the lack of any interesting scores locally and then a lot of vintage electronics showed up on craigslist. I was about 13 days late so I missed some tubes and another power supply. This isn't too bad for left overs.
I'm sure my friend Chris will say it is missing some meters and he would be right. 
This unit is very heavy. It has a huge power transformers and two really nice Kenyon chokes. The capacitors are a good size as well. I thought the tubes were 866 but they are in fact 836 which should be swap-able. 


  1. Beefy doesn't cover it! Nice score.

    I got a late '20s trf and a '30s RCA chassis/power supply with some nice big capacitors but nothing of that size.

  2. Looks very "buzzardly", but the real question is where's the rest of the rig?
    It's a power supply for a ham transmitter... I think the best part is the dual "white" pilot lights and the hand written note. Priceless...

    Fwiw, it's a modest size bit of ham power supply iron, probably for a 300w-400w class plate modulated rig... :D

  3. This thing belongs in a plate modulated AM HF transmitter and nowhere else.

    It was probably built in a rack with an RF deck and a modulator. Most modulators were Class B and used transmitting tubes running at the same plate voltage as the Class C Rf finals. Had AM ham work continued on a mass basis (such as it was) most ham modulators would have followed high fidelity practice and went to relatively lower voltage beam power tubes because they were more efficient and at the time less expensive. However, SSB replaced AM just as the era of mass hi-fi (again such as it was) started getting sophisticated. I always thought SSB was the wrong path, but that's just an opinion. Now they are going to suppressed carrier DSB and some other technologies allowing for better fidelity, but the ham population is shrinking rapidly. A few are still at ti though.

    1. Excellent information.. Thank you!

      I am not going to gut the piece but I don't do HAM. I have respect for the HAM guys. I am sorry I missed the associated pieces as it was likely a cool set.

      I'll likely make minor modifications to make it safer and use it as a high voltage supply for projects...

    2. Would make a good bench supply except that the HV is not variable and is probably in the 2 kV range. Also the filament supply is also probably something besides 6.3 or 12.6 or any other value you really would want.

      Lambda supplies made in the 50s are what you really want: regulated HV over a usable range and usable standard filament and a variable bias supply.

    3. I have been shopping the Lambda supplies. They are really interesting. Are there any you would recommend?

      thanks for the response

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