Sunday, May 22, 2016

$25 Of Fun Tester Of China

I ordered this weird little device from China because I am lazy. I tired of  looking at resistors and being too lazy to read the tiny print so I just pop them into this thing and hit test. 

This one appears to show some hieroglyphics.

Greeen LED.

 It also test caps.

 Weird values but oh well guess I'll have to order another device to convert LOL.....


  1. Cool gadget Iain. Where did you buy it?


  2. The British made a similar gadget back around the late 90s. I was a bench tech and I bought one out of one of the Brit magazines they sold at Borders back then. It was a three terminal device and would identify transistors as to PNP or NPN, their pinout, et al. It would also do FETs and most types of diode, but not resistors or caps.

    It saved a lot of time in the repair of the large number of old DC regulated power supplies we had, they were Kikusui units built into a lunchbox about the size of a HP 200. However, the shop steward found out I had brought it in to work and I was given a three day suspension for doing it. They were convinced that if an employee brought in something it would be expected by the company we do so.

    Before that there was the famous Octopus Tester. These were invented by the Navy's electronic rates inhouse and every ex-ET/FC/IC/etc I ever worked with had used one. It was commercialized and heavily patented as the Huntron Tracker, and was/is hugely beneficial for solid state troubleshooting. But Huntron wanted a pile for them and no one wanted to bust Huntron's patent even though prior art was widespread if you dug a little. By the time the patents run out the consumer electronics business was dead.

    1. Very interesting. Can't belive they sent you home... Dam.

      thanks for the response

    2. It wasn't the company, it was the union. If they said you were suspended you were suspended. Theoretically they could not fire you, but if they wanted you gone, you got "the silence". Just like at West Point in the old days.

      I was making $35 an hour as a bench tech and I knew better than to bitch. The market wage for a good component level tech in that town was a third of that. I actually would have had to take a pay cut to be an engineer if I finished my EE degree and would have been able to be fired any time. I rode it out to 2011 when the plant finally closed and by living on what I would have earned at a nonunion shop and putting it away, I am now retired at under 60. Never did finish the degree.


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