Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Peter Walker's Little Wonder 1956

I've always been a fan of the Quad ESL speakers but I've never owned a pair. Maybe I'll find a pair local someday. I do have one room left that needs speakers.... Kitchen...


  1. I have owned many speakers from the massive old monotlith Polks to Tannoy Churchills and lastly Ocellia wideband speaker using Phy-HP silver coil, anlinco drivers.

    I just picked up my first Quad 57s last month that were fully rebuilt by Quads Unlimited.

    It really is something one needs to hear.

    My room is perfect being small, 11' x 22' with 8' ceilings and a couple openings to a hallway. In this smaller room I actually hear more articulate bass compared to any other speakers I have had due to room interactions or in the case of the Quads lack thereof.

    I suspect the reduced boundary interactions have led to a much better stereo image as well.

    If you have a smaller room these things sound perfectly loud for those types of music that want more energy. In larger rooms I can see they would lose some of their magic.

    I also picked up a museum quality set of electronics from Quad, the Quad 33 preamp, the 303 amplifier and the FM3 tuner. I tried an old Sony Vfet amp from 1975 that sounded great but the amp needs rebuilding.

    I then tried what everyone said would not work well, a 300b SET Ocellia amp at 7watts and it is pure magic! It is probably due to the 16 Ohm output transformers versus the lower impedance transformers found on most 300b amps these days.

    I doubt an amplifier rated at 8 Ohm would control Quad 57s as well as amplifiers with higher output transformers.

    Just a guess trying to explain why a SET amp sounds so good when everything I read says it should be opposite.

    Either way they are something one should experience at some point in their life. Better late than never!


    1. I've also always wanted Tannoys... Not many of them here in the southern us. The Quad 57's are so beautiful. If presented with the opportunity to pick up local Quads I would do it. I am currently stocking a pair of minty Quad II's with original tubes.

      Never listen to what everyone says I'd give the 300b a chance as well. Good luck!!!

  2. Any idea what Peter's got in his hand? Weird...

    And what is it with the initials PW & speakers? Peter Walker, Paul Klipsch ;)


    1. It is one of his awards. He won many.

  3. It looks like an old RCA ribbon microphone (maybe because that's a dipole transducer too?).
    That or maybe a trophy of some kind...

  4. I own a pair built among the first, in 1957. Churchill once said “democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others” and so is the Quad 57: they are the worst speakers in the world, except for all the others. They ought to be heard at least once by any true hifi lover.