Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Laboratory Report On Stereo Amplifier Kits - Part 2

1962 article on DIY amplifier kits of the day including Lafayette LK-550, Realistic 210, and Scott LK-150. 


  1. Back in the late seventies I used to repair guitar amps and in those dayd you could not get the transformers. A standard Stancor or Thordarson worked fine for the power but an output transformer was not available. So I would raid the dumpsters of local hi-fi places for old Scotts and Fishers that were 'traded in' and pull them out. Worked great.

    1. In North Carolina there used to be a music store that hotrodded old Deluxes, Deluxe Reverbs,etc, that did that. They'd replace the output with one from a little hi-fi integrated amp or receiver (they never would say what it was out of) and put Zener diodes in for cathode biasing, add another gain stage, and a master volume, and put on a new front panel. It was very competitive with the then new Mesa Boogies and had a better clean sound. I have no idea how many they built but probably not more than ten or fifteen. Love to have one now.


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